THIMM, Carl Albert

THIMM, Carl Albert. 1856 — 1932. British Colonial Officer. Captain of 2nd London Rifles, served in South Africa, then worked as librarian. has C.A.Th. born 1855 to Franz Louis Julius and Horatia Thimm, married 1881 Annie Helen, died 1932. In another part of the same, C.A.Th. is born c. 1856 and married 1911 Lizzie Louisa. Apparently his books are unindependent compilations.

Publications: Hindustani Self-Taught. With correct Pronunciation. For Travellers, Students, Officials, Soldiers, Traders, etc. L. 1902, 2nd ed. L. 1907, 3rd ed. Hindustani Text rev. by J. F. Blumhardt. L. 1908.

– Arabic Self- Taught (Syrian). 1???; similar primers of Dutch, Italian, Russian, Swedish, etc.

Sources: Wikisource.

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