ANDERSON, William. 1804 — Albury Hall, Ware, Hertsfordshire 22.9.1869 (when 64). British Colonial Officer. C.B. 1842. Served as a major in India, then lieutenant-colonel in Bengal Artillery in 1854-55. In 1855 retired and returned to the U.K. Married Frances Sophia Prattle, one daughter (born 1846).

Publications: In the middle of the 19th century wrote some papers on NW India and on Xuanzang’s and Ibn Ḥauqal’s travel accounts in the JASB 16-22.

Sketch of the Mode of Manufacturing Gunpowder at the Ishapore Mills in Bengal. 20+303 p. L. 1862; The Blue Pamphlet. By An Officer Once In The Bengal Artillery. 77 p. L. 1858 (on Indian situation).

Sources: Boase, Modern English Biogr. in Br. Biogr. Arch.; stray notes in Internet.

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