JAGIĆ, Ignati Vatroslav, Ritter von Varaždin

JAGIĆ, Ignati Vatroslav, Ritter von Varaždin. Varaždin, Croatia 6.6.1838 — Vienna 5.8.1923. Croatian Slavic Linguist and Philologist. After gymnasium in Zagreb, studies of classical, Slavic, etc. languages at Vienna (under Miklosich, et al.) in 1856-60. Then teacher in Zagreb until 1870, but also continued his studies. Ph.D. 1871 Leipzig. In 1871-74 the first Professor of Comparative Linguistics and Sanskrit at the university of Odessa (1871-72 eo.), 1874-80 Professor of Slavic at Berlin, 1880-86 at St.Petersburg and in 1886-1909 Vienna. He was mainly a specialist of Old Church Slavonic and Old Croatian literature. At Odessa he introduced Ovsjaniko-Kulikowskij into Sanskrit. In Vienna he had numerous students in Slavic studies. From 1891 member of Austrian Herrenhaus.

Publications: diss. Das Leben der Wurzel dê in den slavischen Sprachen. Vienna 1871.

books on Slavic philology and linguistics, text editions, etc.

Sources: J. Mindak, Lex. gramm. 1996, 470; Eikipedia with photo.


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