JUSTI, Ferdinand Wilhelm Jakob

JUSTI, Ferdinand Wilhelm Jakob. Marburg 2.6.1837 — Marburg 17.2.1907. German Iranian and IE Scholar. Professor in Marburg. Son of a minister, grandson of Karl Wilhelm J. (1767-1846), Professor of Philosophy and Theology at Marburg. In 1856-59 studies at Marburg (under Gildemeister), then at Göttingen Semitics (Ewald), Sanskrit and IE linguistics. Ph.D. 1861 Marburg. Enlarged version of the diss. accepted as habilitation at Marburg still in 1861. From 1865 ao. and from 1869 ord. Professor at Marburg. A Professor of Germanic philology, but also taught Oriental languages, being thus Gildemeister’s successor. Married in 1868, three sons including Karl (1873-1949, Professor of pathology) and Ludwig (1876-1957, art historian), grandson Eduard (1904-1986, Professor of Physics).

Justi’s famous Handbuch contained, among other things, the first Avestan dictionary. In order to learn more of Zoroastrianism he also studied Pehlevi and was among the first, who really understood the function of Aramaic ideograms in it. His Namenbuch was a fruit of 30 years’ research. During his holidays he studied the folk traditions of the neighbourhood of Marburg and illustrated them in numerous sketches and aquarels.

Publications: diss. Die Zusammensetzung der Nomina in den indogermanischen Sprachen zunächst in Hinsicht ihrer Form. 78 p. Marburg 1861, part of Über die Zusammensetzung der Nomina in den idg. Sprachen. 133 p. Göttingen 1861.

Handbuch der Zendsprache. 459 p. Lp. 1864 (grammar, chrestomathy and dict.).

Bundehesh, hrsg., transkribiert, übersetzt und glossiert. 1868.

Beiträge zur alten Geographie Persiens. 1869-70.

Ein Tag aus dem Leben des Königs Darius. 1873.

Kurdische Grammatik. St.Petersburg 1880.

Geschichte des alten Persiens. B. 1879; Geschichte der orientalischen Völker im Altertum. B. 1884; “Geschichte Irans … bis zum Ausgang der Sassaniden”, Grundriss Iran. Philologie 2, 1904.

Iranisches Namenbuch. 18+526 p. Marburg 1895.

Hessische Trachtenbuch. Marburg 1905.

Sources: *L.C. Casartelli, JRAS 1907, 1119-1121; E. W. L. Justi, N.D.B. 10, 1974, 703f.; Wikipedia (more details and photo in German version).


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