HEGEL, Georg Wilhelm Friedrich

HEGEL, Georg Wilhelm Friedrich. Stuttgart 27.8.1770 — Berlin 14.11.1831. Famous German Philosopher. Professor in Berlin. Son of a Pietist official. After studies of philosophy and theology at Tübingen in 1788-93 he was PD at Jena in 1800-06, school director in Nürnberg 1808-16, then Professor at Heidelberg and from 1818 at Berlin. In his published lectures he criticized Indian philosophy without really knowing its extent, but changed his mind after reading Colebrooke’s essay.

Publications: Large philosophical production not necessary to be given here.

Review of Humboldt’s Bhagavadgītā study, Jb. für wiss. Kritik 1827, 51-63, 1441-1492.

Sources: On Hegel’s relation to Indian philosophy see W. Halbfass, India and Europe. 1988, 84-99; *M. Hulin, Hegel et l’Orient. Suivi de la traduction annotée d’un essai de Hegel sur la Bhagavad-Gītā. P. 1979; Cl. Menze, “Das indische Altertum in der Sicht W.v.H.s und Hegels”, A. Gethmann-Siefert & O. Pöggeler (eds.), Welt und Wirkung von Hegels Ästhetik. Bonn 1986, 245-294.

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