HEILER, Friedrich

HEILER, Friedrich. Munich 30.1.1892 — Munich 28.4.1967. German Scholar of Comparative Religion. Professor in Marburg. Born in a Catholic family. From 1911 studies of history of religion, theology, philosophy and Oriental languages at München, including Akkadian and Arabic (under Hommel), Syriac and Armenian (Lindl), Egyptian and Coptic (Dyroff), Chinese (Kieckers), Sanskrit, Pāli and Avestan (E. Kuhn and L. Scherman). Mainly concentrated on Indology. Ph.D. 1917 and PD in Buddhism from 1918, München. In 1920 umhabilitation to Marburg, where he became Professor 1922. In his research in the 1910s and 1920s he compared Indian religions with Christianity and sought for common points, but after 1931 hardly ever dealt with India any longer. Meeting with Söderblom 1919 made him eager proponent of ecumenism anf, without formally quitting Catholic church, acted in German Lutheran High Church Movement and from 1929 chairman of Hochkirchliche Vereinigung Augsburgischen Bekenntnisses. Married 1921 Anne Marie Ostermann, three daughters.

Publications: diss. publ. Das Gebet. Eine religionsgeschichtliche und religions­psychologische Untersuchung. München 1919, 2nd ed. 1923.

– “Die buddhistische Versenkungsstufen”, Festschrift E. Kuhn 1916, 357-387.

habil. diss. Die buddhistische Versenkung. Eine religionsgeschichtliche Unter­suchung. 8+93 p. München 1918, 2nd ed. 1922.

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– “Der Gottesbegriff der Mystik”, Numen 1, 1954, 161-183 (Upaniṣads etc.).

edited: Die Religionen der Menschheit in Vergangenheit und Gegenwart. St. 1959, 2nd ed. 1962.

Erscheinungsformen und Wesen der Religion. 1961.

further theological and ecumenical works.

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