HOOYKAAS, Christiaan

HOOYKAAS, Christiaan. Amersfoort 26.12.1902 — ’s-Gravenhage 13.8.1979. Dutch Sanskrit and Indonesian Scholar. Son of a vicar, Isaäc H. and Eva Maria Faber. From 1921 studies of Sanskrit and Indonesian at Leiden, Ph.D. there 1929 in Javanese. In 1929-39 teacher in Java, mainly in Yogyakarta, 1939-41 in Bali. Interned during the war. From 1946 acting Professor of Malay language at University of Jakarta. In 1950 returned to the Netherlands, but soon moved to London. In 1951-53 Lecturer of Old Javanese at S.O.A.S., then reader and 1970 emeritus. Married 1929 Jacoba Hindrika van Leeuwen Boomkamp (1901–1965, became a Balinese scholar, Ph.D. 1949), six children. Specialist of Hinduism and Sanskrit in Indonesia.

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