HORNE, Charles

HORNE, Charles. Nainital (Uttarkhand) 6.6.1823 — Croydon, Kent 28.5.1872. British Civil Servant in India, interested in Archaeology and Entomology. Son of James H. and Mary Ann Driver. Worked 16 years in Bengal Civil Service. In 1849-53 in Kumaon, in the 1860s Judge in Benares, then retired. Married 1850 Flora Macsween (1829–1904), three sons and two daughters.

Publications: “Notes on Boodh Gaya”, JASB 34:1, 1865, 278-287; “Notes on Atranji-Khera or Pi-lo-shan-na of General Cunningham”, JASB 35:1, 1866, 165-168, pl. xvi; “Notes on the Jumma Masjid of Etáwáh”, JASB 36:1, 1867, 74f., pl. iii; “Notes on Buddhist Remains near Mynpoorie”, JASB 36:1, 1867, 105-107; “Notes on the Carvings on the Buddhist Rail-posts at Budh Gayá”, JASB 36:1, 1867, 107f., 3 pl.; “Notes on Ancient Remains in the Mainpuri District”, JASB 36:1, 1867, 157-175, 5 pl.; “Notes on the Age of the Ruins chiefly situate at Banaras and Jaunpur”, JASB 42:1, 1873, 160-164?; short notes in ProcASB 1865-66.

With M. A. Sherring: “Description of the Buddhist Ruins at Bakariya Kund, Benares”, JASB 34, 1865, 1-13, 8 pl.; “Some account of ancient remains at Saidpur and Bhitari”, JASB 34, 1865, 80-90, 1 pl. (dt. Ghazipur); “Description of ancient remains of Buddhist Monasteries and Temples and other buildings recently discovered in Benares and its vicinity”, JASB 35, 1866, 61-87, 5 pl.

– “Notes on an Ancient Indian Vase”, JRAS 5, 1871, 367-375 (from Kulu).

Also wrote on entomology.

Sources: www.wikitree.com/wiki/Horne-1257; stray notes in Internet.

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