JOHNSON, C. 1??? — 18??. British Colonial Officer in India. Captain of cavalry. In 1827 he led an expedition to unknown regions of the western Himalayas. In June met Csoma de Kőrös in Labrang.

Publications: “Journey through the Hima-leh Mountains to the Sources of the River Jumna, and thence to the Confines of Chinese Tartary, performed in Apri October 1827 by Captain C. Johnson, late of the 11-th Dragoons”, JRGeogrSoc 1834.

Sources: B. Le Calloc’h, “Un témoignage sur la vie d’Alexandre Csoma de Kőrös: le récit du capitaine Johnson”, AOHu 41, 1987, 267-276. With such a common surname and mere initial he seems impossible to trace. Le Calloc’h is mainly interested in Csoma and doed not know more of C.J. (except that he was mainly interested in zoology and hunting),

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