MICHELS, Victor. Stassfurt, Sachsen-Anhalt 3.7.1866 — Jena 4.2.1929. German Germanist and Linguist. Professor in Jena Son of factory director Friedrich (Fritz) M. (d. 1872) and Martha Kullak. Gymnasium and from 1884 studies in Berlin, concentrated on Germanistics, Linguistics and philosophy (Deussen). From 1885 continued at Heidelberg (Osthoff et al.) and 1886 at Leipzig, i.al. under Brugmann, Leskien and Windisch. Ph.D. 1889 Leipzig (Diss. on German grammar). PD 1892 Göttingen. From 1895 Professor of German Philology and Literature at Jena. Member of Saxonian AW 1925. Married 1895 Rosa Wagner, one daughter.

Publications: Much on German language and literature, including M.H.G.

– “Metathesis im Indogermanischen”, IF 4, 1894, 58-66.

Sources: Chr. Kiening, N.D.B. 17, 1894, 453f.; German Wikipedia.

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