KLEMENC (Klementz), Dmitrij Aleksandrovič

KLEMENC (Klementz), Dmitrij Aleksandrovič. Gorjaino, gub. Samara 14.12. 1848 (or 1847) — Moscow 8.1.1914. Russian Central Asian Scholar and Traveller. In his youth he was a noted revolutionary, who spent some time in prison and in exile in Siberia. After an expedition to Mongolia he was sent in 1898 by the Imperial Academy to Turfan to study the local ruins. From this expedition he brought photographs, manuscript fragments and fragments of Buddhist wall-paintings (deposited in Hermitage), which led to a rush of expeditions to the area. In Turfan DAK was accompanied by his botanist wife Elizaveta Nikolaevna Kl. (née Zvereva, 1853/54–1914).

Publications: Arheologičeskij dnevnik poezdki v Srednjuju Mongoliju. 76 p. Sb. trudov Orhonskoj èksp. 2. St.P. 1895.

Turfan und seine Alterthümer. Aus dem Russ. üb. von O. v. Haller. 53 p. ill. St.P. 1899.

Sources: briefly in Hopkirk, Foreign Devils. 1980; Kononov; *Sibirskaja Sovetskaja Ènciklopedija 1929; German Wikipedia.

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