KROM, Nicolaas Johannes

KROM, Nicolaas Johannes. ’s-Hertogenbosch 5.9.1883 — Leiden 8.3.1945. Dutch Archaeologist and South-East Asian Scholar. Son of the Rijksarchivaris C.C.N. Krom (d. 1885) and J.M.U. Herderscheê. After school in Nijmegen, from 1901 studies of classical philology, Sanskrit (Kern and Speyer), Javanese and comparative linguistics at Leiden. Ph.D. 1908 Leiden (in classics). In 1910-15 Brandes’ successor as Government Archaeologist of Dutch India, worked in Java, where he organized continous survey and became well acquainted with Old Javanese. From 1919 Professor of Archaeology and Ancient History of Dutch India at Leiden, on a new chair. Married 1909 with Betsy Marie van den Plas, one daughter and two sons.

Publications: three main works: Beschrijving van Barabudur. ’s-Gravenhage 1920, abridged (?) English transl. Barabudur: Archaeological Description. 1-2. 478+365 p. the Hague 1927; Inleiding tot de Hindoe-Javaansche Kunst. 1920, 2nd ed. 1923, French 1926; Hindoe-Javaansche Geschiedenis. 1926, 2nd ed. 1931.

smaller books and articles of Hindu archaeology of Java etc., e.g. The life of Buddha on the Stūpa of Barabudur, according to the Lalitavistara-Text. 8+131 p. 120 ill. 192?.

Sources: A.J. Bernet Kempers, Oudheidkundig verslag 1941-1947, 1-14 with bibliography; Vogel, JRAS 1946, 92f.; Biogr. Woordenboek van Ned. 3, 1989, 358f.; H.J. ‘t Hart-van den Muyzenberg in with photo and further references.

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