KRONASSER, Heinz. Marburg (now Maribor, Slovenia) 24.2.1913 — Lipovica, Serbia 24.3.1968. Austrian Hittite and IE Linguist. After Graz Gymnasium studies at Graz, Ph.D. 1937. Worked as teacher, served in WW II and was briefly Russian war prisoner. PD 1952 Graz. From 1953 ao. Professor at Vienna, from 1959 ord., then from 1963 at Würzburg. Died in a traffic accident. Married, at least one daughter. A specialist of Hittite.

Publications: Vergleichende Laut- und Formenlehre des Hethitischen. 292 p. Heidelberg 1956, and other works on Hittite, IE and linguistics.

With E. Neu: Etymologie der hethitische Sprache. 1. Wb. 1966 (2. by E. Neu, 1987).

Sources: Not in D.B.E., Lex. gramm., N.D.B., Ö.B.L.; Bihl 165f.; *W.Eilers, AOf 22, 1968-69, 206; *M. Mayrhofer, Almanach Ö.A.W. 1969, 348-359; *Investigationes philologicae et comparativae. Gedenkschrift H.K. Wb. 1982.

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