LE MESURIER, Cecil John Reginald

LE MESURIER, Cecil John Reginald. Cephalonia, Ionian Islands 7.2.1855? — 11.2.1932. British Colonial Civil Servant in Ceylon. Son of Cecil Brooke Le M. and his Greek wife Nicolina Zancarol (married 1854). In 1881 there. In 1896 dismissed from service on ground of having converted to Islam and married. Later resident in Perth, Australia, as solicitor and barrister. But http://www.greatmirror.com/index.cfm?navid=917 claims the he was already Government Agent at Nuwara Eliya in the 1860s, thus he cannot have born in 1855. But genealogical sources give the Perth Le M. as late of Ceylon Civil Service and his birth as stated above, however, his wife is Juliette Lenoir and children born in the 1880s.

Publications: Manual of the Nuwara Eliya District of the Central Province, Ceylon. 308 p. 1893.

articles in JRAS-CB, e.g.: “Principal Religious Ceremonies observed by the Kandyans of Ceylon”, 7:23, 1881 (?), 32–42; “Aṅ-Ke”iya [a Sinhalese game]”, 8:29, 1884 (1886), 368-394; “The Veddas of Ceylon”, 9:32, 1886, 336-347.


www.researchgate.net/publication/236709347_Fragile_Identities_The_Colonial_Consequences_of_CJR_Le_Mesurier_in_Ceylon (only beginning available to me); http://www.guernsey-society.org.uk/acrobat/Le%20Mesurier%20Rough%20Index%20v4%20final.pdf.


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