MILLS, J. Philip

MILLS, James Philip. Cheshire 18.2.1890 — Dorset 12.5.1960. British Civil Servant and Anthropologist in India. Son of James Edward M. and Ada Smith, educated at Winchester and Corpus Christi College, Oxford. Entered I.C.S. 1913, served in Assam, from 1916 in Naga Hills District. Honorary Director of Ethnography for Assam 1930, 1943-47 Adviser to the Governor of Assam for Tribal Areas and States. Retired from India 1947, in 1948-55 Reader at S.O.A.S. C.I.E. 1941, C.S.I. 1947. Married 1930 Pamela Moira Foster-Vesey-FitzGerald, two daughters. An additional interest was zoology, he collected data about local birds and mammals.

Publications: The Lhota Nagas. 39+255 p. L. 1922; The Ao Nagas. 18+500 p. 49 ill. L. 1926; The Rengma Nagas. 10+381 p. 17 pl. L. 1937.

– “Folk stories in Lhota Naga”, JASB N.S. 22, 1926, 235-318; “Certain Aspects of Naga Culture”, JRAnthrInst 56, 1926, 27-35.

– With T. H. Hutton: “Ancient monoliths of North Cachar”, JASB 25, 1929, 285-300.

– “The Mishmis of the Lohit Valley, Assam”, JRAnthrInst 82, 1952, 1-12; small notes in Man.

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