NEBESKY-WOJKOWITZ, René Mario von. Velké Hoštice (Gross Hochschütz) Moravia 29.6.1923 — Vienna 9.7.1959. Czech Anthropologist and Tibetologist in Austria. After school in Leitmeritz (Litoměřice) studied at Prague, Berlin and Vienna (Bleichsteiner) Tibetan, Mongolian and Central Asian ethnology. Ph.D. 1949 Vienna. In 1949-50 further studies in Italy (Tucci, Rock) and London. From August 1950 to 1953 fieldwork in Kalimpong on tutelary deities, now became acquainted with the Lepchas. In 1953 seven months cataloguing Tibetan manuscripts and xylographs in Leiden, 1954 again five months there studying Lepcha collections. From 1955 PD at Vienna. In 1956 visited Sikkim and Nepal, in 1958/59 again three months in Nepal, but contracted pneumonia and died after returning to Austria. Despite of economical problems he was able to achieve much and left a great number of unfinished material.

Publications: diss. Schriftwesen, Papierherstellung und Buchdruck bei den Tibetern. MS. of 109 p. Wien 1949.

– “Die tibetische Bön-Religion”, Archiv für Völkerkunde 2, 1947, 26-68; “Das tibetische Staatsorakel“, ibid. 3, 1948, 136-155.

Oracles and Demons of Tibet. The cult and iconography of the Tibetan Protective Deities. 690 p. 1956 (transl. of German hab.diss. MS. Wien 1955).

Wo Berge Götter sind. Drei Jahre bei unerforschten Völkern des Himalaya. St. 1955, Dutch 1956, English 1856, French 1957.

– “Tibetan Blockprints and Manuscripts in Possession of the Museum of Ethnology in Vienna”, Archiv für Völkerkunde 13, 1958, 174-209.

ed. by C. von Fürer-Haimendorf: Tibetan Religious Dances: Tibetan Text and Annotated Translation of the ’chams yig. The Hague & Paris 1976.

articles in Archiv für Völkerkunde, Eastern Anthropologist, Ethnos, etc.

Sources: Bihl 172; J. W. de Jong, IIJ 3, 1959, 306-309; briefly D.B.E. 11, 2000; poor photo in Stache-Rosen; Wikipedia.

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