PÉTURSON, Sigurður Kristófer

PÉTURSSON, Sigurður  Kristófer. Klettakoti á Snæfellsnesi 9.7.1882 — 19.8.1925. Icelandic Literate and Self-Taught Amateur Scholar. An Esperantist and a Theosophist. From early youth suffered of several diseases. Ph.D.

Publications: Transl.: Hávamál Indíalands (Bhagavad-gíta). 126 p. Reykjavik 1924.

Wrote about Icelandic; diss. Sjúklingur í Laugarnesspítala. 192?.

Sources: Icelandic Wikipedia; http://www.mbl.is/greinasafn/grein/1428646/ with another photo.

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