PHILLIPS, Maurice. Llanboidy, Carmarthenshire 11.4.1839 — Southport 27.8.1910. Rev. British Missionary in India. Studies at Bedford College. From 1862 worked for London Missionary Society in Salem, Coimbatore and from 1891 in Madras, retired 1908. Ph.D. 1902/03 Bern (Rees: 1900 Basel).

Publications: Teaching of the Vedas. What light does it throw on the origin and development of religion? 240 p. L. 1894.

diss. publ. The evolution of Hinduism. 129 p. Madras 1903.

Sources: D. Ben Rees, Vehicles of Grace and Hope: Welsh Missionaries in India, 1800-1970. 2002, 166; diss. in Janert.

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