TISDALL, William St. Clair

TISDALL, William St. Clair. 1859— 1928. Rev. British Missionary in Iran and India. Originally from Pembroke in Wales, ordained in 1883. Missionary of English Church in Isfahan, then in 1888/90 in Bombay, in 1892 in London. From 1913 vicar of St George’s. Hon. D.D. Edinburgh 1903. Married, at least one son.

Publications: A simplified grammar and reading book of the Panjabi language. 136 p. Bombay 1889.

A simplified grammar of the Gujarati language, together with short reading book and vocabulary. 189 p. L. 1892.

Hindustani Conversation Grammar. 371 p. 1911.

Modern Persian Conversation Grammar. 397 p. 1902.

The Conversion of Armenia to the Christian Faith. 256 p. 1897.

The Noble Eightfold Path. 1903.

The Sources of Islam: A Persian Treatise. 100 p. 1900; The Original Sources of the Qur’an. 287 p. 1905; and other polemical works against Islam.

Sources: Wikipedia briefly; some additional information culled from www.canterbury-cathedral.org/heritage/history/remembering-world-war-i/wwi-through-the-eyes-of-a-vicar-of-st-georges-deal/.

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