WALDE, Alois

WALDE, Alois. Innsbruck 30.11.1869 — Innsbruck 3.10.1924. Austrian IE and Classical Scholar. Ph.D. 1894 Innsbruck. PD there 1895 and eo. Professor 1904-09, In 1909-12 Professor of Comparative Linguistics at Giessen and in 1912 had the same chair at Innsbruck. In 1924 accepted position at Breslau, but died before going there.

Publications: Die germanischen Auslautsgesetze. Halle 1900.

Lateinisches etymologisches Wörterbuch. 47+870 p. Idg. Bibl. Heidelberg 1906, rev. 2nd ed. 31+1044 p. H. 1910, 3rd ed. rev. by J. B. Hoffmann. H. 1938.

Vergleichendes Wörterbuch der indogermanischen Sprachen. Hrsg. von J. Pokorny. 1-2. 877+716 p. B. 1927-30.

Sources: *Autobiography in Idg. Jb. 10, 1924-25, 421-424 with bibliography; briefly D.B.E. 10, 1999, 300; Wikipedia.


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