WALSH, Ernest Herbert Cooper

WALSH, Ernest Herbert Cooper. Derbyshire 7.3.1865 — 1952 (when 87). British Numismatist and Tibetan Scholar. Son of a minister, educated at Trent College. Studied law at University College, London. In 1884 joined I.C.S. From 1901 Deputy Commissioner of Darjeeling, in 1903-04 participated in Younghusband’s expedition. Retired in 1919 and returned to England. Lecturer in Tibetan at S.O.A.S., in 1920-21 also Lecturer in Bengali at Oxford. C.S.I. From 1901 member of A.S.B., in 1919 President of B.O.R.S. Married with Beatrice Ivy Huntingdon in 1892 (widower 1943), two daughters.

EHCW was a Tibetan scholar, also well acquainted with Bengali and Oriya. During his stay in Lhasa he collected inscriptions, which he then started to publish. As a numismatist he was mainly interested in the punch-marked coins.

Publications: A Vocabulary of the Tromova dialect of Tibetan spoken in the Chumbi Valley. Calcutta 1905; Examples of Tibetan Letters. A Collection of 8 Letters Received from Officers of His Holiness the Tashi Lama and 2 Orders of the Tibetan Gov’t at Lhasa. Calcutta 1913.

– “The Coinage of Tibet”, MASB 2:2, 1907, 11-23, 2 pl.

articles in JASB, JBORS, and JRAS, e.g. “The Tibetan Language and Recent Dictionaries”, JASB 72:1, 1903, 65-86; “A list of Tibetan books brought from Lhasa by the Japanese monk, Mr. Ekai Kawa Guchi”, JASB 73, 1904, 118-177; “The Coinage of Nepal”, JRAS 1908, 1132-1136, 6 pl.; “Tibetan anatomical system”, JRAS 1910, 1215-1245; “Examples of Tibetan Seals”, JRAS 1915, 1-15, 465-470; “Lhasa”, JRAS 1946, 23-31, 2 pl.; reviews in JRAS.

Punch-marked Coins from Taxila. 4+164 p. 48 pl. MASI 59. Delhi 1939.

Sources: F. W. Thomas, JRAS 1952, 182-184.

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