SCHMID, Toni (Antonia Elisabeth Magdalena). 25.9.1897 — Uppsala 16.12.1972. Austrian Scholar of Religious History and Tibetan Iconography in Sweden. Daughter of a wealthy mill-owner. 1922 Vienna. Moved to Sweden and worked in Swedish national archives. Hon. fil.dr. 1931 Lund. Hon. teol.dr. 1958 Uppsala. In 1944-68 eo. Antikvarie in Vitterhetsakademie. In her later years she developed an interest in India and Tibet. She is said to have learned some Sanskrit in Vienna, in the 1940s she studied under H. Smith at Uppsala and then started working on the antiquites brought by Hedin expedition 1927-35 to Stockholm Ethnographical Museum. In 1955 visited Nepal and Sikkim.

Publications: Many studies on medieval Swedish religious history (the first was her 1922 diss.).

The Cotton-clad Mila. The Tibetan Poet-Saints’ Life in Pictures. 1952.

Tantrisk mark. 103 p. 1956.

The Eighty-five Siddhas. 171 p. 1958.

Buddhas vägar. En reseberättelse från Tibets gränstrakter. 94 p. Stockholm 1959 (travels).

Saviours of Mankind. The Dalai Lamas and former Incarnations of Avalokiteshvara. 1961.

Sources: U. Hammar in

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