BATE, John Drew

BATE, John Drew. Plymouth 1836 — 26.1.1924. British Missionary, Priest, and Hindi Scholar. Member of the Baptist Mission in India 1865-97. After a short time in Eastern Bengal, spent c. 30 years in Allahabad until his retirement in 1897. Participated in Bible translation and other missionary activities, according to contemporaries was a learned scholar, but rarely cared to write on non-missionary subjects. In the early 1920s his dictionary was still a standard work. Married, several children.

Publications: A Dictionary of the Hindee Language. 1-2. 805 p. Benares 1875, 2nd ed. Allahabad 1918; religious and missionary works.

Sources: G. A. Grierson, JRAS 1923, 330-332; neither in Who Was Who nor in Br. Biogr. Arch.


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