SPIES, Otto. Bad Kreuznach 5.4.1901 — Bonn 29.10.1981. German Semitist (Arabic Scholar) also interested in Hindi. Professor in Bonn. Studies of Oriental languages (Ph.D. 1923 under E. Littmann) and law (Dr. juris 1924) at Bonn, then Assistant there under P. Kahle in 1925-32. PD 1927 Bonn für Semitistik und Islamkunde. In 1932-36 Professor of Arabic and Islamic Studies at Aligarh Muslim University. In 1936 succeeded Brockelmann as Professor at Breslau. After the war guest Professor and from 1951 successor of R. Paret as Professor für Semistik und Islamwissenschaft at Bonn. Emeritus 1971.

OS was remarkably many-sided (and yet competent) scholar who published important contributions to Arabic, Islamic and even Osman Turkic studies. He was interested in religion, law and medicine, popular literature, Oriental influences in Europe, etc. In India he learned Hindi/Urdu and acquired a lasting interest in things Indian.

Publications: An Arab Account of India in the 14th century. Being a translation of the Chapters on India from al-Qalqashandīs Ṣubh ul-A‘shā. 4+78 p. Bonner Or. Studien 14. Stuttgart 1936.

with E. Bannerth: Lehrbuch der Hindi-Sprache. Lp. 1945.

much on Turkology and Islamic studies, reviews of books on Islamic India in Der Islam.

Sources: *OC 66, 1982; *ZDMG 133, 1983; *W. Hoenerbach (ed.), Der Orient in der Forschung (Fs. O.S.). Wb. 1967 with bibliography; A. Noth, Der Islam 59, 1982, 185-188 with photo; German Wikipedia.

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