SCHUYLER, Montgomery

SCHUYLER, Montgomery. Stamford, Conn. 2.9.1877 — New York 1.11.1955. U.S. Diplomat and Indologist. Son of Montgomery S. (1843–1914), a fanous journalist, and Katherine Beeckman Livingston. Studied at Columbia University in New York under A. V. Williams Jackson (A.B. 1899, A.M. 1900), Fellow there 1900-02. In 1902 joined diplomatic service, first as Second Secretary in St.Petersburg, then in 1904 in Bangkok, 1905-07 in Romania, 1907-09 in St.Petersburg, 1909-11 in Tokyo, 1911-13 in Mexico. In 1913 Envoy Extraordinary and Minister Plenipotetiary in Ecuador, in 1914-15 Special Agent of U.S.A. to Russia, in 1921-25 Envoy Extraordinary and Minister Plenipotetiary in El Salvador. From 1925 private businessman. Married 1906 with Edith Lawver.

Publications: “The origin of the Vidūṣaka, and the employment of this character in the plays of Harṣadeva”, JAOS 20:2, 1899, 338-340; “The Editions and Translations of Çakuntalā”, JAOS 22, 1901, 237-248; “Bibliography of Kālidāsa’s Mālavikāgnimitra and Vikramorvaśī”, JAOS 23, 1902, 93-101; “A Bibliography of the Plays of Bhavabhūti and of Kṛṣṇamiśra”, JAOS 25, 1904, 189-196; “A Bibliography of the Plays attributed to Harṣadeva”, OC 13 Hamburg 1902, 1904, 33-37.

Index Verborum to the Fragments of the Avesta. 1901.

A Bibliography of the Sanskrit Drama. Col. Univ. Indo-Ir. Ser. 3. N.Y. 1906.

– “Notes on the Making of Palm-leaf Manuscripts in Siam”, JAOS 29, 1909, 281-283.

Sources: Who Was Who in America III; Wikipedia.

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