SCHUYLER, Montgomery

SCHUYLER, Montgomery (Jr.). Stamford, Conn. 2.9.1877 — New York 1.11.1955. U.S. Diplomat and Indologist. Son of the elder Montgomery S. (1843–1914), a famous diplomat, author and journalist, and Katherine Beeckman Livingston. After Trinity School studied at Columbia University in New York under A. V. Williams Jackson (A.B. 1899, A.M. 1900), Fellow there 1900-02. In 1902 joined diplomatic service, first as Second Secretary in St.Petersburg, then in 1904 in Bangkok, 1905-07 in Romania, 1907-09 in St.Petersburg, 1909-11 in Tokyo, 1911-13 in Mexico. In 1913 Envoy Extraordinary and Minister Plenipotetiary in Ecuador, in 1914-15 Special Agent of U.S.A. to Russia. In WW I served as officer in Ordnance Department and in Intelligence Division of General Staff. In 1921-25 Envoy Extraordinary and Minister Plenipotentiary in El Salvador. From 1925 private businessman and banker. Married 1906 Edith Lawver, apparently no children.

Publications: “The origin of the Vidūṣaka, and the employment of this character in the plays of Harṣadeva”, JAOS 20:2, 1899, 338-340; “The Editions and Translations of Çakuntalā”, JAOS 22, 1901, 237-248; “Bibliography of Kālidāsa’s Mālavikāgnimitra and Vikramorvaśī”, JAOS 23, 1902, 93-101; “A Bibliography of the Plays of Bhavabhūti and of Kṛṣṇamiśra”, JAOS 25, 1904, 189-196; “A Bibliography of the Plays attributed to Harṣadeva”, OC 13 Hamburg 1902, 1904, 33-37.

Index Verborum to the Fragments of the Avesta. 1901 (?).

A Bibliography of the Sanskrit Drama. 11+105 p. Col. Univ. Indo-Ir. Ser. 3. N.Y. 1906.

– “Notes on the Making of Palm-leaf Manuscripts in Siam”, JAOS 29, 1909, 281-283.

– Later wrote on genealogy and local history of New England.

Sources: Who Was Who in America III; Wikipedia; photo in

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