STEVENSON, Alice Margaret (née Adams). Sheldon, Warwickshire 26.12. 1875 — Dublin 11.5.1957. British Missionary and Indologist. Daughter of H. O. Adams and his wife Emily. Educated at The Ladies’ College in Jersey, studies at Somerville College, Oxford, and at Trinity College, Dublin. In 1899 Honour, School of Jurisprudence, Oxford. In 1900 went to India as missionary, in 1906 married with —> John Sinclair St. Worked in Ahmedabad ad other locations in Gujarat, until 1924. M.A. 1905 Dublin. Sc.D. 1911 Dublin. M.A. 1920 Oxford (when the degree became available for women).

In Indology she was a student of Macdonell. She was intimately familiar with the religions in Gujarat and wrote important contributions. The old-fashioned way of naming the author as “Mrs. Sinclair Stevenson” has resulted in less careful librarians and bibliographers ascribing them to her husband.

Publications: Notes on Modern Jainism. 125 p. Oxford 1910; The Heart of Jainism. 336 p. L. 1915; several articles on Jainismin E.R.E.

First steps in Gujarati. 8+161 p. 1913

The Rites of the Twice-Born. 24+474 p. Oxford 1920.

– Without the Pale: the Life Story of an Outcaste. 11+89 p. 5 pl. The Religious Life of India. 1930 (the Ḍheḍs of Gujarat).

Children’s books, etc.

Sources: Who Was Who 1951–1960; stray notes in Internet.

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