STEIN, Burton

STEIN, Burton. Chicago 1926 — 26.4.1996. U.S. Historian of South Asia. Served in WW II, then studies at the University of Chicago (M.A. 1954, Ph.D. 1957). Taught at Minneapolis and 1965-83 at University of Hawaii. After early retirement from Hawaii moved to London in 1983 and worked as Professorial Research Associate at S.O.A.S. Died of cancer. Married 1983 Dorothy Josephine del Bourgo (1931–2019, a computer programmer and author).

A specialist of social and economic history of India, especially of South India.

Publications: Diss. The Tirupati Temple: an economic study of a medieval south Indian temple. Manscript of 150 p. Chicago 1957.

“The Economic Function of a Medieval South Indian Temple”, Journal of Asian Studies 19, 1960, 163-176.

South Indian temples: an analytical reconsideration. 155 p. N.D. 1978.

Peasant state and society in medieval South India. 533 p. O.U.P. 1980.

– “State Formation and Economy Reconsidered: Part One”, Modern Asian Studies 19:3, 1984, 387-413; other articles.

Vijayanagara. 156 p. The New Cambridge History of India 1:2. Cambr. 1989.

Thomas Munro: the origins of the colonial state and his vision of empire. 6+374 p. O.U.P. 1989.

The Making of agrarian policy in British India, 1770-1900. 8+240 p. Delhi 1992.

A History of India. 448 p. 1998.

Sources: *F. Conlon, J. of Asian Studies 1956, 1997, 292-294; S. Subrahmanyam, South Asia Research 17:2, 1997; Wikipedia.

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