BOISEN, Lars Nannestad

BOISEN, Lars Nannestad. Vesterborg 8.2.1803 — Ibid. 22.4.1875. Danish Priest and Theologian interested in Sanskrit and Oriental Studies. Bishop of Vesterborg-Birket. Son of Peter Outzen B. (1762-1831), the bishop of Vesterborg, and Anna Nannestad (1775-1853). Educated by his father and in 1817-19 at Nykøbing school. From 1819 studies of theology at Copenhagen, in 1824 embeds­eksamen in theology. After one year as a teacher at his old school in Nykøbing he went to Germany and studied in 1825-26 at Halle Hebrew, Syriac and Arabic and, after a visit to Switzerland in 1826-27, Arabic (under Freytag) and Sanskrit (under Schlegel and Lassen) at Bonn. While there he was greatly impressed by the meeting with an Anglican religious and decided to take ecclesiastic office instead of a university career. Nevertheless, he went to Paris and pursued his studies under Silvestre de Sacy and Chézy. In 1827 he presented his mag.diss. on Arabic literature at Copenhagen. From 1829 in church service, in 1831 succeeded his father on bishopric and held this office until his death. Married in 1829 with Berte Schiern (1801-39), again in 1842 with Marthe Rützou (née Ipsen, 1810-86).

Publications: Carmen Maksura Dictum. 146 p. Havniae 1828; Kortfattet arabisk Grammatik. 103 p. Kjöbenhavn 1831.

translated: Østerlandske Blomster. 136 p. Kjøbenhavn 1834 (from Arabic, Persian, and Sanskrit; including passages of the Rāmāyaṇa, Mahābhārata, with Bhagavadgītā, and Hitopadeśa).

Israels Historie: oplyst ved hjoelp af nyere reisebeskrivelser samt andre videnskabelige hjælpe­midler. 1-5. Kjöbenhavn 1847-63; Vandringer i Syrien og det hellige Land. 103 p. 1854.

Sources: Dansk biogr. lex. 3rd ed. 2; briefly E. Pauly, Køb. Univ. 8, 1992, 528f.


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