BOISSEROLLE-BOISVILLIERS, Aurèle-Jean de. Paris 3.9.1764 — Sumène, Gard 1.2.1829. French General, apparently interested in Sanskrit. Son of a civil servant, Count de B., joined the army in 1782. 1782-83 served as a sous-lieutenant, then gardes du corps. In 1791 the whole unit was dissolved. Boisserolle-B. lived now for a while at his brother-in-law in Midi, where he soon became commander of the national guards. In 1793 he was voluntary in the Pyrenean war, then in others like in Italy, and in 1799-1801 in Egypt. 1807 he was in Dalmatia, and then lost his toes in the Russian campaign. 1813 general. With the restauration he was first allowed to keep his rank, but participating in the hundred days’ empire was the fatal error. Used his leisure in study of epigraphy and religious philosophy living in his family estate in Sumène.

Publications: According to the GGA 1827, 962, “Der General Boisserelle, als Mitglied der Société Asiatique, hat eine Sanskrit-Grammatik und ein Wörterbuch zum Druck befordert.” The source must be in the JA, tome 5, 6, or 7, but in any case such works were never published. Apparently the manuscript was lost after his death.

Sources: D.B.F. 6, 1954; French Wikipédia (with silhouette).

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