BOMPAS, Cecil Henry

BOMPAS, Cecil Henry. London 31.5.1868 — Broughton, Hampshire 22.1.1956. British Civil Servant in India. Son of Henry Mason B. (barrister, d. 1909) and Rachel Henrietta Wise (d. 1923). Educated at Westminster and Trinity College, Cambridge. Joined I.C.S. in 1887, arrived in India 1889. Served as Assistant Magistrate and Collector in Bengal, from 1896 joint Magistrate and deputy Collector, 1900 Magistrate and Collector, 1901 deputy Commissioner, 1916 Member of Bengal Legislative Council, 1920 chairman of Calcutta Improvement Trust, 1923 Commissioner of a division. Retired in December 1923. C.S.I. 1918. In retirement lived in Bishop’s Storford, then in Broughton. Married Geraldine Banton, then Nita Frances Goode.

Publications: “Folklore of the Kolhan”, said to be in JASB 71:3, 1902, 217-223, but our library has only 71:1-2. New ed. 12+95 p. Calcutta 2006 (Ho and Santal folk stories). Article of 7 pages could hardly make a book of 95 pages. Not the appendix to his 1909 book (“Some folk-tales of Kolhan”, 325-359)?

Folklore of the Santal Parganas. 483 p. L. 1909 (a collection made by P. O. Bodding).

Sources: The India Office List 1936 in Br. Biogr. Arch. 2nd ser.; Alumni Cantabrigienses; brief obituary in The Elizabethan 26, 1956, 220

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