BONARDI, Mario. Rome 29.5.1914 — 14.6.1954. Italian Indologist (Buddhist scholar). Studied in Rome and graduated as a teacher of Greek and Latin, at the same time studied Sanskrit and Tibetan under Formichi and Tucci. Specially interested in Tantric Buddhism. In 19?? Ph.D. with an unpublished dissertation on the Hevajra­pra­dīpa. Worked in the IsMEO. During the WW II officer at the Russian front, was severely wounded. After the war a short time Assistant Professor (?) at the Oriental Institute of the University of Rome, but soon switched into teaching at school. Died after a long illness. In his last years he studied on magical aspects of Buddhist ritual. He was very critical with himself, and published therefore very little.

Publications: A few articles and critical reviews, see Bibl. Bouddh. and ABIA.

Sources: M. Bussagli, E & W 5, 1954, 120; nothing in Internet.

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