BRIGGS, George Weston

BRIGGS, George Weston. North Branch, Michigan 21.9.1874 — Madison, N.J. 18.4.1966. U.S. Missionary and Indologist. Educated at Northwestern University (B.S. 1902, M.S. 1905). Ordained as priest in 1904. In 1911-12 fellow at University of California, 1914-15 at Johns Hopkins, and 1922-23 at Columbia University. Methodist missionary in India 1903-08, 1909-12, and 1915-25. Professor of English Literature at Reid Christian College in India. In 1912-14 Associate Professor of Mathematics at Col. Pacific (1913-14 principal of the Academy). In 1915-15 Associate Professor of English Bible and Philosophy at Goucher College. Married in 1903, widow 1904, second time in 1907, had two sons and two daughters. After returning last time from India he became in 1925 Professor of Sanskrit language and literature at Drew University’s Theological School, 1929 Professor of History of Religions at Drew University, Madison, and also a Lecturer in Mathematics. Retired in 1944. In 1948-50 visiting Lecturer at Serampore College. Last years lived in Morristown, N.J.

Publications: articles on Hinduism in JAOS etc.

The Chamars. Oxford 1920.

Gorakhnath and the Kanphata Yogis. 380 p. Calcutta 1938.

Sources: Americans in Asia; Dir. of Am. Scholars. 1st edition 1942; Who Was Who in America 4.


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