HUTH, Otto

HUTH, Otto. 1906 — 1998. German Theologian, Ethnologist and Archeologist. Professor in Tübingen. Son of a neuropathologist in Bonn. Ph.D. 1932 Bonn. Joined the NSDAP in 1928. In 1935 met Hermann Wirth and 1937 joined the Ahnenerbe. From 1939 PD at Tübingen. During the war director of Institute for Indo-Germanic Religious History at the Reich Universität Straßburg. After the war Professor at Protestant Theological Faculty, Tübinegn.

Publications: habil.diss. Untersuchungen zum indogermanischen Feuerkult. MS. 1939 publ. 8+ 166 p. Archiv f. Rel.gesch. Beiheft 2. Lp. 1943.

Other publications not relevant here.

Sources: German Wikipedia.


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