FRIEDLÄNDER, Walter Ferdinand. Glogau, Niederschlesien (now Głogów in Poland) 10.3.1873 — New York 8.9. 1966. German Student of Indology, then Art Historian, later in the U.S.A. Son of Sigismund Fr. and Anna Joachimsthal, lost early his parents and grew up at his sister in Berlin. Studied Indology at Berlin, among the last students of Weber. Ph.D. 1898/1900 Berlin. Then changed his subject and concentrated on art history. In 1907-11 at Prussian Historical Institute in Rome, 1912 in Paris. Taught at Freiburg i.Br.: from 1914 PD, from 1921 ao. Professor of Art History. In 1932-33 also Director of Art Institute. As a Jew he lost his position and emigrated in 1933 and came in 1935 to the U.S.A., later U.S. citizen. In 1935-66 Professor of Art History at Institute of Fine Arts, New York University. Married with Emma Simon. As art historian he specialized in French and Italian art of the 16th and 17th century. Teacher of Erwin Panofsky et al.

Publications: Diss. Der mahāvrata-Abschnitt des Çāṅkhāyana-Āraṇyaka. Hrsg., übersetzt und mit Anmerkungen versehen. 47 p. Berlin 1900.

Das Casino Pius des Vierten. 10+136 p. 40 pl. Kunstgesch. Forsch. 3. Lp. 1912; Nicolaus Poussin. Munich 1914; Claude Lorrain. 256 p. ill. B. 1921; and other works on Western art.

Sources: International Biographical Dictionary of Central European Emigrés 1933–1945. 2, 1983; Wikipedia (more details in German version).

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