GIORDANO, Ferruccio Ducrey, conte

GIORDANO, Ferruccio Ducrey, conte. Turin 3.10.1928 — 8.7.1976. Italian Art Historian interested in Indology. Born of a Piemontese noble family, studied in Germany and England. Professionally he was a businessman, who managed the family estate, the Associazione laniera, etc. Several travels to the East made him interested in life, religion and art of India. Died in a traffic accident. As a scholar he tried to combine philology and art history. Planned books on Caitya and on Seven mothers (Saptamātṛka) remained unfinished.

Publications: Ceylon ed altre immagini. 1968; Jai Singh e i suoi giardini astronomici. 1973; Alcuni Gupta imperiali. 1974; Alcune rappresentazioni iconografiche dell’ avatāra di Narasiṁha alla luce del Narasiṁhapurāṇa e di altre fonti. 1977.

Sources: O. Botto, IT 3-4, 1975, 13f.


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