CAMMIADE, Louis Aime

CAMMIADE, Louis Aime François. Madras 2.6.1872 — Worthing, Sussex 3.11.1951. British Civil Servant and lay Archaeologist in India. Son of merchant Gilbert Henry C. and Anne-Marie Sicé. Graduated 1891 and in law from Middle Temple 1901. In 1895 joined I.C.S. in Madras Presidency, from 1903 Deputy Collector of Tinnevely (Tirunelveli). Called to the bar 1910, from 1917 Presidency Magistrate of Madras. Married Alice Eleanor Cardozo (1887–1920), then Elsie Lilian Cardozo (1891–1970), five children with the first, six with the second wife.

Cammiade was eager lay archaeologist who conducted excavations in various places and made noted prehistoric finds. In 1906-07 he was one of the first to find Tamil Brāhmī inscriptions, in Marungaltalai, Tinnevely dt.

Publications: “Urn-Burials in the Wynaad, Southern India”, Man 30, 1930, 183-186, and two other notes by him, ibid. 186-189; “Iron Smelting by Kois, a Jungle Tribe in the Eastern Ghats of India”, Man 31, 1931, 66-67; small notes also in other issues of Man.

– “Man-Eaters and Were-Tigers”, Man 31, 1931, 217-220.

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