HAVET, Louis

HAVET,  Pierre Antoine Louis. Paris 6.1.1849 — Paris 26.1.1925. French Philologist and Linguist, mainly of Latin, but also IE (including Sanskrit). Professor in Paris. Son of Ernest Havet, Professor of Latin. Studies in Paris (É.P.H.É.). Ph.D. 1880 Parid. In 1885-1925 Professor of Latin Philology at Collège de France, now concentrated mainly on Latin. A.I.B.L. 1893. Among his students was A. Meillet. He was active in defence of Alfred Dreyfus.

Publications: Wrote much on Latin, also both diss. 1880 on Latin philology.

– “Hiatus indoeuropéen”, MSL 2, 1875, 177-187; “L’unié linguistique européenne. La question des deux k arioeuropéens”, MSL 2, 1875, 261-276; “Sur les palatales sanskrites”, MSL 2, 1875, 348-357; “Sur la transcription du sanskrit”, MSL 3, 1878, 75-78; further articles on Latin and short notes in MSL.

Sources: *M. Holleaux, CRAI 83, 1939, 527-546; *Ch.-V. Langlois, CRAI 69, 1925, 17-22; A. Meillet, Annuaire É.P.H.É. 1925, 107-112; Wikipedia with photo.

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