BANG KAUP, Willy (Willi, Wilhelm Max Julius Bang Kaup). Wesel 8/9.8.1869 — Darmstadt 8.10.1934. German Linguist, Turcic and Iranian Scholar. Professor at Louvain and Berlin. Born in Germany by the Rhine near to the Belgian border, son of a notary (later mayor), went to school there. Originally just Bang, got in 1892 official permission to add Kaup (his mother’s name) after it. Since 1888 studied at Louvain among other things Oriental languages (de Harlez), and became soon known as a scholar. Taught at the same university from 1893, from 1894 as Docent of Germanistics, and in 1895-1912 or 1914 as eo. Professor of Anglistics. From 1917 Professor für türkische Sprach­wissenschaft at Frankfurt University, from 1918 Professor für türkische Philologie in Berlin. Married in 1899, four children. He was among the decipherers of Old Turcic, and also interested in Old Persian, Pahlavi, and, as student of de Harlez, in Manchu.

Publications: much on Anglistics, Iranian, Turcology etc., often very small articles.

with F. Weissbach, Die altpersischen Keilinschriften in Umschrift und Übersetzung. 1–2. 1893-1908.

Sources: J. L. Pauwels, Nat. Biogr. Woordenboek 2, c. 29–33; Akad. d. Wiss. der DDR 1983, 54; *Bibliography in Ungar. Jb. 9, 1929, 181–195; German *Wikipedia.


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