BINGLEY, Alfred Horsford

BINGLEY, Alfred Horsford. Cranleigh, Surrey 28.5.1865 — Surrey 20.4.1944. Sir. British Colonial Officer. Son of Peregrine Taylor B., educated at Kensington School and Sandhurst. Served in India from 1887. In 1901-11 served at Army Headquarters. Lieutenant General 1920, retired 1921. C.I.E. 1909. K.C.I.E. 1918.

Publications: With A. Nicholls: Brahmans. Caste handbooks for the Indian Army. Simla 1897.

With F. Bremner: Types of the Indian Army Illustrating the Races Enlisted in the Bengal, Punjab, Madras & Bombay Armies. 6 p. 60 photogr. Quetta 1897; with accompanying vol. by B. Notes on the warlike races of India and its frontiers. 64 p. L. 1897.

Sikhs, their origin, history, religion, customs, fairs and festivals. 1899, repr. 30+152 p. N.D. 1984.

Rajputs. 204 p. Handbooks. Simla 1899; Dogras. Simla 1899; Jats, Gujars, Ahirs. 141 p. Calcutta 1904

With A. B. Longden: Dogras. 5+103 p. Class handbooks for the Indian Army. Calcutta 1910.

Sources:; Indian Biographical Dictionary 1915; stray notes in Internet; three portraits in

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