BINGLEY, Alfred Horsford

BINGLEY, Alfred Horsford. 1865 — 1944. Sir. British Colonial Officer. Son of Peregrine Taylor B., educayed at Kensington School and Sandhurst. Served in Indian from 1887. In 1901-11 served at Army Headquarters. Lieutenant General 1920, retired 1921. C.I.E. 1909. K.C.I.E. 1918.

Publications: with A. Nicholls: Brahmans. Caste handbooks for the Indian Army. Simla 1897.

with F. Bremner: Types of the Indian Army Illustrating the Races Enlisted in the Bengal, Punjab, Madras & Bombay Armies. 1897.

Sikhs, their origin, history, religion, customs, fairs and festivals. 1899, repr. 30+152 p. N.D. 1984.

Rajputs. 204 p. Handbooks. Simla 1899.

with A. B. Longden: Dogras. 5+103 p. Class handbooks for the Indian Army. Calcutta 1910.

Sources:; Indian Biographical Dictionary 1915.


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