BOSCH I GIMPERA, Pere. Barcelona 22.3.1891 — Ciudad de México 9.10.1974. Spanish Archaeologist and IE Scholar in Mexico. Studies at Barcelona, lic. degree 1910. Ph.D. 1911 Madrid, in Greek literature. A second Ph.D. 1913 Madrid, in History. In 1911-14 studied in Germany specialising in classical archaeology. In 1916-30 Professor of Classical and Medieval History at Barcelona, in 1930-39 of Prehistory and Classical History, in 1931-33 also Dean of the Faculdad de Filosofia y Letras and in 1933-39 Rector of the University. In 1939 emigrated to U.K. (taught at Oxford), in 1940 to U.S.A. and 1941 to Mexico. From 1942 teaching at Universidad Nacional Autónoma. In 1945-47 taught at Universidad de San Carlos in Guatemala, in 1947 at Universidad de San Salvador. In 1948-52 Director of Division of Philosophy and Humanities (UNESCO) in Paris, then again in Mexico, as full-time researcher of the university. Emeritus 1967, Mexican citizen 1971. Hon.Dr. 1936 Heidelberg. Until 1939, conducted excavations at many sites in Spain. Married with Josefina Garcia, one son

Publications: diss. I. Los poemas de Baquilides de Ceos. 1911; diss. II. El problema de la cerámica ibérica. 1913, publ. in Memorias de la Comisión de Investigaciones Paleontológicas y Prehistóricas 7, Madrid 1915.

Prehistoria catalana. Barcelona 1919; Los pueblos primitivos de España. Madrid 1925; El hombre primitivo y su cultura. México 1945; Todavia el problema de la cerámica ibérica. México 1958; Paletnologia de la peninsula Ibérica. Graz 1974.

Historia de oriente. 1-2. Barcelona 1926-28; El Próximo Oriente en la antigüedad. México 1964.

El poblamiento indoeuropeo. México 1964.

L’Amérique avant Cristophe Colomb. P. 1967.

Sources: A.F., Enc. univ. ilustr. Supl. anual 1973–74, Madrid 1983, 146f.; *Wikipedia (with photo, more details in Catalan version).

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