MONTEITH, William. Abbey parish, Paisley, Renfrewshire 22.6.1790 — London 18.4.1864. British (Scottish) Colonial Officer, Diplomat and Historian in India. Major-General (1841). Son of William Monteith and Janet Goodwin. From 1809 Lieutenant in Madras Engineers, Captain 1817, Colonel 1839. In 1810 member of Malcolm’s embassy to Persia, remained there and served in the Russo-Persian war. Then again in British diplomat service in Teheran, in 1826-28 Russo-Persian war in Persian headquarters. In 1829 finally left Persia and after some time in Europe returned to India in 1832. In 1832-34 and 1836-42 Chief Engineer in Madras. Retired in 1847 and settled in London. Married Maria Murdoch, two sons and one daughter.

Publications: “Notes on Persia, Tartary and Afghanistan”, MJLS 4, 1836, 28-46; “A Visit to Cumbaucum-droog, a remarkable Table Land, near Madras”, MJLS 4, 1836, 134-138; “Journey of the Russian Mission from Orenbourg to Bokhara”, MJLS 10, 1839, 132-166 & 11, 1840, 52-78  (Baron Meyendorf, 1820-21); geographical articles.

– Kars and Erzeroum, with the Campaign of Prince Paskiewitch. L. 1856.

– Edited: Narrative of the Conquest of Finland by the Russians in 1808-9. L. 1854.

Sources: H.M.C[hichester], D.N.B. 38, 1894, 280f.; Wikipedia.

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