SAINT-MARTIN, Antoine-Jean

SAINT-MARTIN, Antoine-Jean. Paris 17.1.1791 — Paris 17.7.1832 (S. de S. says 10.7.). French Oriental (mainly Armenian) Scholar. Son of a tradesman, he first planned commercial career, but became interested in languages and student of Silvestre de Sacy at É.L.O.V. From 1820 member of A.I.B.L. and from 1824 director of the Bibliothèque de l’Arsenal. Died in the cholera epidemy.

Saint-Martin participated in the decipherment of Old Persian cuneiform (following Grotefend), studied Avesta, and occasionally wrote on India, too. He attempted to cover many fields (also Egyptology) and has been characterized as being somewhat superficial and rash in his conclusions. Of his works, several were only published posthumously, edited by F. Lajard.

Publications: Mémoires historiques et géographiques sur l’Arménie. 1-2. 12+450+519 p. P. 1818-19.

– With J. Zohrab, Choix de fables de Vartan. 12+96 p. P. 1825 (edited & transl.); other works on Armenian.

– “Notice sur l’ancienne histoire de l’Inde et sur les historiens du Kaschmyr en particulier”, JA 1, 1822, 361-368.

– “Extrait d’un Mémoire relatif aux antiques Inscriptions de Persépolis”, JA 2, 1823, 65-90; “Nouvelles Observations sur les Inscriptions de Persépolis”, MAIBL 12:2, 1836, 113-146.

Recherches sur l’histoire et la géographie de la Mésène et de la Characène. 23+296 p. 1 pl. P. 1838.

Fragments d’une histoire des Arsacides. 1-2. Paris 1850.

– A few further works, articles and reviews in JA, JS, etc.

Sources: Silvestre de Sacy in St.-M.’s 1838 book, vii-xxiii; N.B.G.; Wikipedia with portrait.

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