AINSLIE, Whitelaw

AINSLIE, Whitelaw. Duns, Berwickshire 17.2.1767 — London 29.4.1836. British Physician in India. Son of Robert A. and Catharine Whitelaw. Joined the E.I.C. medical service in 1788 as Assistant Surgeon, and served in Madras. Surgeon 1794, Superintending Surgeon 1810, retired in 1815 and returned to England. Wrote on the cholera, on fever, and on Indian materia medica, was also inter­ested in Indian medicine (āyurveda). Knighted 1835. Married, his daughter married James Grant-Duff.

Publications: Materia medica of Hindostan. 301 p. Madras 1813; rev. & enl. ed. Materia Indica; or, some account of those articles which are employed by the Hindoos. 1-2. 593 p. L. 1826.

An historical sketch of the introduction of Christianity into India and its progress and present state…, preceded by a brief account of the religious opinions of some of the heathen philosophers. 160 p. Edinburgh 1835.

Sources: Buckland, Dictionary; B.D.J[ackson], D.N.B. 1, 1885, 190f. (defective); works in N.U.C.; Wikipedia.

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