WILMOT, Claude Rupert Trench

WILMOT, Claude Rupert Trench. 1897 — 1961. British Colonial Officer in North-West India. Served in the WW I in Sherwood Foresters, then served in Egypt, Turkey and India, in the Punjab and Karachi. Retired after the WW II. In 1931 and 1934 visited Ladakh with his camera and took numerous photographs.

Publications: The Lost World of Ladakh. Early photographic journeys through Indian Himalaya 1931-1934. Text by N. Harman & M. Bates, photographs by R.W. 4+140 p. 2014.

Sources: Photo exhibition in 2017 at the Buddhological Institute of Vienna University, with information given by Martin Bates (cf. the book above), which also contains his photo.

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