BOHNENBERGER, Karl. Riedbach 26.8.1863 — Tübingen 29.10.1951. German Linguist (Germanist) interested in Indology. Librarian and Professor in Tübingen. Son of Heinrich B. (a minister, d. 1919) and Sophie Berg (1837-1927). School at Württ. nieder. ev.-theol. Seminar. In 1881-86 studies of theology and philology at Tübingen, main teachers Roth and Sievers. Ph.D. 1886 (diss. on German place names), from 1892 PD there (habil. on German dialects). In 1886-88 worked as a priest, then at University Library in Tübingen until he became in 1921 Professor there.

Publications: several books on German dialects, especially on Alemannian, last posthumously.

Der altindische Gott Varuṇa nach den Liedern des Rgveda. 127 p. Tübingen 1893 (no diss.!).

Sources: H. Dölker, N.D.B. 2, 422;; *Alemannian Wikipedia.


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